Designations and Certifications

The SR/WA Designation

SR/WA – Senior Member, International Right of Way Association – is the most prestigious professional designation granted by IRWA to members who have achieved professional status through experience, education and examination.

The SR/WA designation requires training and examination in several major right of way disciplines. The SR/WA designation says, “I have more than five years of right of way experience, plus I have had formal training in a wide variety of right of way areas.”

The SR/WA professional may be a specialist in one area such as acquisition, relocation or law, but also must be familiar with the other disciplines associated with the right-of-way profession. The SR/WA designation is the only designation reflecting evidence of professional attainment in the right of way field.

SR/WA Program Guide and Application:  CLICK HERE

Welcome to the IRWA Designation Program!

Earning the IRWA Designation is both a journey and a destination. For experienced and skilled right of way professionals like yourself, your designation validates your skills and demonstrates your proficiency in your chosen discipline. The IRWA R/W-URAC Certification Program is a structured process designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools that will help you advance in your profession.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Today’s marketplace is crowded and complex, and individuals and businesses that don’t stay ahead of the curve often risk being left behind. To develop a solid, competitive advantage—and to remain ahead of that curve—you can rely on IRWA Designation to prepare you and your company for whatever lies ahead.

The Only Name That Counts 

IRWA stands for the highest standard of excellence. As such, IRWA Certification is a rigorous process that will work to differentiate you from other professionals. Our high standards have enabled us to create a distinction that is universally respected by customers, businesses and colleagues across most disciplines.

The Right Stuff

Companies with employees that are IRWA certified report impressive results. Certification can win often win business in competitive situations. Perhaps that’s because customers prefer doing business with IRWA -certified staff rather than those without the stamp of Certification. Certified professionals often make better employees. They tend to exhibit higher productivity, reduced learning curves, increased technical competencies, lower error rate, and a higher level of job satisfaction.

Individual Benefits

In addition to gaining new skills, enhancing your knowledge base and adding to your list of credentials, employees can expect to attain a wide range of workplace benefits. These may be in the form of peer recognition or demonstrated financially through a promotion, pay raise or additional perks.

Benefits to Employer

Employers who support continuing education for their staff can expect significant benefits! They will be rewarded with higher employee retention, increased productivity and a boost in employee morale and confidence. Retaining experienced staff is an enormous competitive advantage for any employer.

R/W-URAC Uniform ACt Program Guide and Application:  CLICK HERE

Certification Program

The Right of Way (R/W) Certification is a professional designation granted to IRWA members who have achieved professional status through experience, education and examination in a specific discipline.

Earning this certification demonstrates an unparalleled achievement in a single discipline and reinforces a standard of excellence in services provided to the public.

The International Right of Way Association offers certification in five disciplines:

  • Appraisal, Asset (Property) Management, Environmental
  • Negotiation/Acquisition, Relocation Assistance, Uniform Act *NEW

Beaver State Chapter 3, IRWA is happy to post the following link to the Current PDC report: N/A at this time…